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Proficiat aan de winnaars!

Recent lanceerden we met Equschool onze eerste giveaway!. We zijn trots dat we de winnaars bekend mogen maken! Proficiat Kasari Stables en Degrande Stables met jullie nieuwe hindernis!

Win!! Giveaway 2 jumps to make your training even better!

It’s time for celebration!  Not only it is Christmas time after a difficult year, our partner , Equnews, also becomes 10 years old at the end of this month. That is why we give away 2 custom jumps to make your trainings at home even better!

How to win?

  1. Easy : Make some fuzz on social media. Like and share us on your Facebook,  Instagram or even Tik Tok account. Also don’t forget to like, share equnews.
  2. Become a PREMIUM member on Equschool.com



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